• Instant Whitening
  • Instant Glow
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Regular Use
  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Anit-Bacterial

Glutag Ultra Whitening Soap is enriched with Glutathione that works as the most potent anti-oxidant for dull damage or dry skin and offers instant whitening glowing effect to give the fresh gaze after each wash. The ingredients of GluTag Ultra Whitening Soap are all imported hence offering wonderful brightening results while fulfilling the cleansing needs of your face and sun exposing areas. As the Ph of GluTag Ultra Whitening Soap is skin friendly therefore it can be used regularly without any side effects and the anti-microbial properties not only cleanse the skin but keep your skin safe against all environmental hazardous effects.


Apply on wet skin make rich lather and rinse off thoroughly after massaging for few minutes. Best results could be obtained with regular use. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membrane.