Acnist Face Wash


  • Cleanse & Clears
  • Refresh
  • Velvet feel
  • Regular Use
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cosmetically elegant

Acnist Face Wash

Acnist anti-acne face wash with Oleanolic Acid Tea Tree Oil Niacinamide & Mandelic Acid effectively cleanse and removes dirt and excessive oil without disrupting the outer skin layer As having an excess sebum can lead to clogged pores from dead skin cells sticking to the sebum which results in comedonal acne. The dual anti-microbial effect of Niacinamide & Mandelic acid treats P.Acne while the keratolytic effect removes the dead cell layer and ensures closure of large open pores.


Apply on wet skin and gently massage to make lather. Rise off thoroughly after few minutes. Pat dry skin gently. Use as a regular face wash. Stop application in case of any irritation or allergic reaction and consult your physician immediately.



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