hair types


Straight hair is also pretty immediately recognizable. Need confirmation? When you run a flat iron through your hair, it will barely change the appearance of your locks—if at all. If you have naturally straight hair, the goal of your hair care routine should be to keep your locks sleek and frizz-free


If it takes you forever to brush through or blow-dry your hair, the problem may not be that you’re useless at hair styling. Rather, it could mean you have thick hair. Thick hair is both a blessing and a curse because while you have enviably full locks, it tends to take longer to tame your mane.


Does your hair look as if you’ve just taken a dip in the ocean 24/7? We’re officially jealous! You’re lucky enough to have amazing waves, without much effort.For those with naturally wavy hair, embrace your waves and use your hair care routine to boost your hair’s volume. 


Do your strands sometimes fall a little flat? Do your ponytails and updos seem smaller than they should be? Sounds like you have thin hair! If you aren’t a fan of how your thin hair looks, you can use your hair care routine to give your tresses a thicker appearance.


We’re pretty sure you can recognize whether or not you have curly hair. Just look in the mirror (or run your fingers through your mane), and you’ll know if your strands have a spiral shape. It’s easy to identify whether or not you have curly hair, but curls can also be broken down into different types, ranging from 2a (loose waves) to 4c (very tight coils). If you think your hair falls into the latter end of the curly hair spectrum, to learn more about the different curly hair types.


If you’ve been assuming that coarse hair and thick hair are the exact same, think again! The term coarse hair actually refers to the diameter (or width) of your individual hair strands. When you touch your hair, does it feel like you have a lot of it? Does your hair feel very strong, yet often dry and rough to the touch? Sounds like you have coarse hair.


While this is technically not a hair type, it’s still an important hair care concern. Does your hair feel dry and brittle to the touch,  Use a super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo


Also not technically a hair type, but important nonetheless: oily hair. Do you cleanse your hair regularly, only to find that greasy roots have popped up by midday? Yep, sounds like you have oily hair. While the oil that your scalp produces is actually beneficial to your strands, having greasy hair is never a good look. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to help keep your oily hair in check.